with exclusive training and the cyber project of IAI-ELTA Systems

A unique course for English speakers

Cyber Security course​

create an advantage in the labor market

TAME Range    Cyber simulator

In collaboration with IAI-ELTA Systems

Guidance and support

From our career development incubator at no cost

Expert advice

With a huge network of employer relationships

Preparation for technology certifications
Advance to a career in HI-TECH

No prior knowledge is required, our training offers comprehensive learning and personal support for acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills

Receive a prestigious certificate from a joint project with IAI-ELTA Systems

Create a significant advantage on your CV and in the job market​

Receive guidance and support throughout the training process until successful completion and employment in the field​

Take the First Step Towards a Secure Future

We commit to finding a position for those who meet the criteria


edX – online learning platform

ICCP is proud to launch

At ICCP, we believe in empowering the next generation of cybersecurity professionals to confront the challenges of an increasingly interconnected world.

Join us today and become a part of the elite team of experts shaping the future of digital defense.

About us

The International Center for Cyber Professions (ICCP) offers a variety of courses in high demand and provides training to the world’s most advanced professional certificates.

Operates the College of the Treasury Department of the government of Israel

Manages the technological college of the idf’s communication and cyber division

Operates the largest technological College in Israel in combination with Elta

Constructs technological incubators in the largest academic colleges in Israel

Operates the placement system for senior unemployed people in the Israeli employment service

With a huge network of employer relationships

Approved exclusively in Israel by the EC Council– Operates dozens of projects with the Israeli Ministry of Defense for cyber professions

Unique Collaboration
The International Center for Cyber Professions (ICCP)

ICCP and the unit for foreign studies, from Oasis Capital Israel.

  • The International Center for Cyber Professions, developed in a unique collaboration between the Foreign Studies Unit and the Aerospace Industry, operates a wide variety of cyber courses for beginners to experts.

Most of the trainings are taught in conjunction with the RANGE TAMETM trainer, which enables practical experiences in hyper-realistic scenarios similar to security organizations in Israel and around the world.

TAME™ Range – Turnkey Cyber Competency Center

  • IAI-ELTA Systems TAME Range: A fully interactive, state-of-the-art cybersecurity environment, simulating real-world cyber scenarios with continuously updated intruder profiles, drawing from the ongoing research of IAI's R&D experts.
  • Comprehensive Cyber Warfare Curriculum
  • Cyber Learning Management System (CLMS)
  • Virtualized, private cloud based cyber lab
  • Scalable, certified data-center hardware specifications

edX was founded by Harvard and MIT

  • an experiment to make the world’s best education available to everyone. Today, as part of 2U, edX connects over 83 million people worldwide with online learning that delivers real professional progress across nearly every career discipline, from artificial intelligence and robotics to sustainability and public health. Together with universities and organizations at the forefront of their fields, edX offers thousands of job-relevant programs designed to give every ambitious learner a path to achievement.

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