The External Studies Institute

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Businessman reading lecture to his colleagues at presentation of new project
The External Studies Institute

TESI is the biggest External Studies institute in Israel for the last five years, with more than 30,000 graduates 

TESI is operating in full cooperation with most of the Governmental Offices, such as the Ministry of Treasure, the Ministry of Economy, Employment Services, Ministry of Defense, and with official institutions such as the Chamber of Tax Advisers, the Civil Services Commission, the Chamber of Housing and Purchasing. 

TESI is the exclusive operatorfor the National Centre for Small Businesses in a cooperation with the National Union of Small and Medium Businesses, altogether more than 100,000 members. 

TESI employs more than 600 leading lecturers in a variety of professions, such as: The School for Trainings in the Medical field, The School for New Media Computers and Software, the Youth Centre for Science and Entrepreneurship, the School of Languages teaching more than 12 different languages, the School for Managers and many more.

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